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Ayurveda Kansa Wand Facial and Body Massage

Full body Massage with the Kansa Ayurveda Wand Tool.  The Kansa tool will be concentrated on the face to achieve a youthful glow and on the feet to relieve tired tender areas of the feet. This Ayurveda gentle friction facial massage restores the muscles which helps pull acidity from the tissues. In fact, as it is used on the face, oils will often get grey or black if acids are present in the skin.  Other benefits of Kansa Wand Face Massage: Revitalizes face, shoulder, and neck muscles. Gently lifts facial skin. Reduces face pain, head pain and tension.Reduces acidity.

Kansa wand will be used on the feet to stimulate circulation. Relaxes tired feet and legs, Improves blood & lymphatic circulation, Improves mobility in lower limbs. An experience worth trying today!    Session will last 90 minutes.  




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